"I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then.”

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The Spirit of Winter

A collection of winter photos shot between 2012-2014 by Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt.

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Colin O’Donoghue waving at fans x

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I was evolving. Something you’ll never do.

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reblogging again for that gorgeous commentary

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Clarke is the leader of that group and Bellamy is the rah-rah motivator. But Clarke is the brains of the operation. Bellamy is the heart and Clarke is the brain. I’m not sure how I’d quite put it, but they need each other. Without a brain, you die and without a heart you die. One without the other wouldn’t have survived; and the group wouldn’t have survived.

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i wanna marry somebody cuter than me but sadly…i am the cutest :/

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"You love each other—anyone can see that, looking at you— that kind of love that can burn down the world or raise it up in glory."

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Post-Nebula face paint. Pics soon!

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365 Movies in 2014  || 352/365 Free Willy (1993)

Director: Simon Wincer

Starring: Jason James Richter, Lori Petty and Michael Madsen

Plot:When a boy learns that a beloved killer whale is to be killed by the aquarium owners, the boy risks everything to free the whale.

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That awkward moment when you procrastinate things you actually want to do and you don’t even know why